In this work package as the natural continuation of the experimental activities on materials and joints, pseudo-dynamic tests and/or cyclic push-over tests of a real-scale two storey (Fig. 6) will be carried out with reference to both a building with traditional connections and a building with beam-to-column joints equipped with friction dampers. The tests will be carried out in order to validate the proposed system and in order to evaluate the reliability of the mechanical models proposed in the previous work packages.

In addition, in this work package, all the activities devoted to the dissemination of the results will be carried out. Under this point of view, an informative international workshop will be organized and an open source e- book containing all the practical examples, design rules and results of the research projects will carried out involving all the research units.

Layout of the full-scale structure to be investigated by means of pseudo-dynamic tests or cyclic push-pull tests

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