The second work package is aimed at the extension of the experimental study to full-scale beam-to-column joints and full-scale column base joints.

Testing equipment for external beam-to-column joints

The specimens will be designed by exploiting, for the components different from the friction pad, the already available models contained in Eurocode 3 part 1-8 and, for the new component, i.e. the friction damper, the results coming from the experimental activities to be carried out within Work Package 1. The experimental activity will be carried out with reference to external (Fig. 3) and internal beam-to-column joints. The specimens will refer to only two typologies, one with a beam of limited size, the other one with a big beam in order to evaluate size effects. The experimental studies carried out at the component level, i.e. friction damper, and at the full-scale level, i.e. beam-column sub-assemblages, will be accompanied by numerical analyses employing finite elements in order to widen the range of the investigated parameters starting from FEM models validated on the base of experimental results.

At the end of such experimental activity on full-scale joints, complete mechanicals model able to characterize the moment-rotation behaviour of the proposed connections will be provided following the Eurocode 3 approach. In addition, a technical sheet providing all the pre-qualified design procedures to be respected in order obtain pre-determined levels of performance will be defined.

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